Harpegnathos venator

Harpegnathos venator is a scythe-mouthed ponerine ant found in China and South East Asia.

This species is fairly rare in Singapore, and the author has only observed them in certain forested areas of Singapore.

An excellent care sheet can be found at: https://www.gamergate.com.au/features/2016/8/12/harpegnathos-venator

Above, well fed lavae in the author’s colony. Note that the (natural) nest structures of this species comprise of flat and tight horizontal tunnels rather than chambers. Online literature suggests that this is to avoid nest flooding during flash floods which are fairly common in the tropical forests of South East Asia.

Below, watch a lavae that is ready to puapate, weave its cocoon. The workers have covered her in dirt to help her to ‘build’ her cocoon!

Below, a queen tending to her (fat) and very well fed lavae.

Above, you can see a pile of eggs and a lavae feeding on a dead roach.

Above, a peek inside the nest.

This species is polygynous (has multiple queens). Above, the dominant queen can be seen holding an egg in expression of her dominance!

Being ponerine ants, they have acute vision and hunt for their prey, solo. In captivity, the author feed them mainly roaches (red runners) and gut-loaded crickets.

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