Successful colony founding tips

Latest batch of Carebara diversa founding queens have had excellent success.

Started with 26 mated queens on 26 May 2018. 1 died of unknown causes on 27 May (the next day). 2 more died along the way, and 2 queens ate brood, resulting in delays.

Today, 21 have founded young colonies (> 80% success). Nanitics enclosed throughout last week, and this week some of them have had workers that started foraging.

Success rate attributable to:

1. Mating queens with drones of different colony. Not “inbreeding”.

2. Each queen mated with 4-8 drones.

3. Test tube founding with water chamber. Use of burnt soil as substrate.

4. Little light and sound disturbance. I checked the queens about once every 3 days for 5 minutes only.

Most of the queens have been gifted to kids locally. I’m retaining a couple for myself with hopes to raise them into successful colonies.

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