Maintaining large colonies

If you wish to maintain a large establish colony of C Diversa, you need to be fully prepared for their food, space and garbage requirements. Also, make sure your anti-escape barriers are solid and continually touched up.

1. They need a lot of space – my colony which is less than a year old at this date, spans 2 major outworlds; 2 Minor outworlds, 2 AAC blocks. And most recently a 7th acrylic custom formicarium which they’ve just started to “invade”.

2. They eat a lot; this quantity is fed twice to thrice a day to my large colony:

3. They produce a lot of garbage too – debris in their garbage from overnight, which needs to be cleared daily to avoid mites and other unwanted pests.

4. They break anti-escape barriers. Click here for my preferred barrier (still not 100% fool proof).

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