Diversa ID and Subspecies of Carebara

How to ID C. Diversa

On the identification of C Diversa, a note from a friend, Quah, as follows:

“One of the easiest way to tell a C diversa from a C affinis is the propodeal spine. C diversa has a more prominent spine especially noticeable in the largest major worker what I called the mega super major.”

Some personal observations on the differences between C. Diversa; C. Affinis and other Carebara subspecies are discussed here.

C. Affinis; Other Carebara Subspecies

A prolific sub species of Carebara in Singapore is Carebara Silensus. To the naked eye they look slightly reddish and will often be mistaken as Carebara Affinis. The queen measures only 1.4cm and the workers typically forage through subterranean trials rather than over ground.

Note how the supermajor is substantially larger than the queen!

Another often sighted Carebara species in Singapore’s forests is this tiny red Carebara species, which I’m struggling to ID:

As seen in the video, workers are tiny and completely red. Queen measures only 1cm, is reddish, and is much leaner than Diversa.

Quah has documented a useful guide to the various subspecies of Carebara observed in Malaysia (very similar, if not, identical to Singapore species), which can be found: Here

Photo purely for illustrative purposes only, and reproduced from http://termitesandants.blogspot.sg/2009/09/asia-army-ants-pheidologetons.html?m=1

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